The Largest Star in the Universe - Size Comparison

We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why!
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What is the largest star in the Universe? And why is it that large? And what ARE stars anyway?
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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why! You can get it here: Appstore: Google Playstore: Oh boy. Making an app is hard. It seemed so easy when we started. We underestimated the necessary work load and all the potential problems tenfold - this is not a figure of speech, this took ten times longer than we thought it would. And we are sort of used to working on big projects. So the first update to the app should hopefully be here in the next 24 hours (we are waiting for approval of the update in the app stores) - it will fix a bunch of small things that slipped through. We’ll constantly improve this thing because while it was honestly a horrible nightmare to make, it also was fun and we want to get better at it and make more things in the future. In case you don’t know Wait but Why btw, it is the best and most fun blog on the internet ( and if you don’t know it you should change that like right now. Tim and I collaborated for the first time in 2013 and we have been good friends ever since. And this thing was something we started talking about years ago. So what is this thing we made and why? You can seamlessly travel from the smallest things in existence, past the coronavirus, human cells and dinosaurs all the way to the largest stars and galaxies and marvel at the whole observable universe. You can learn more about each object or simply enjoy the sheer scale of it all. It’s a fun plaything. The app is inspired by the “scale of the universe” website by the Huang Twins that Tim and I spent a lot of time with when it came out years ago - and felt that it was finally time to create a Wait but Why and Kurzgesagt version. There are no in-app purchases and no ads. All future updates are included! Since this is our first app we would love to hear your feedback so we can improve it over time. Leave us a five star review if you want to support it. Kurzgesagt and all the projects we do are mostly funded by viewers like you. So if you like the app we’ll make more digital things in future! Ok! Thank you for reading - Philipp

    • Laurey Ritchie

      Laurey Ritchie

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      I love it

    • Hank Sauri

      Hank Sauri

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      Brown dwarfs are -failed stars- successful planets :)

    • Hank Sauri

      Hank Sauri

      24 ימים לפני

      I got it

    • Desmond Miles

      Desmond Miles

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      It’s not free. We are living in the era when knowledge is not free and accessible only for the rich. Disappointed

    • Animator ZRB

      Animator ZRB

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      Pls dont keep it paid as i cant download it then

  2. 대학생


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    왜 이건 번역 안해줘요

  3. CREAM 3.14

    CREAM 3.14

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  4. Aahan Shukla

    Aahan Shukla

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    4:35 massive and large are synoynyms

  5. Xung Ngo

    Xung Ngo

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    where's betelgeuse ranked?

  6. Ce bon vieux Jack

    Ce bon vieux Jack

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    brown stars : ᵇᵘᵗ ʷʰᵃᵗ ᵈᶦᵈ ʷᵉ ᵈᵒ ˀˀ

  7. ManDyter


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    9:21 this sums it up...

  8. AutoSugaR


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    you know, im something of a brown dwarf myself

  9. huxley fortnite

    huxley fortnite

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    The biggest star is Uy Scuti not the one you had

  10. CrazyPlane


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    THE MUSIC IS SO GOOD. How do they make everything so amazing. I think that the studio itself is a Type II civilization.

  11. Primal Aspid Hatchling

    Primal Aspid Hatchling

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    Imagine a species of bacteria on that last star.

  12. Jason Hollister

    Jason Hollister

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    ..................Outstand'n ower SIZE OWER of this "Universe" & LARGER than a { N u t s h e l l } x "NUMERUSE" other "MESSERMENTs"....!!

    • Jason Hollister

      Jason Hollister

      23 שעות לפני

      This "UNIVERSE" = NOT a..................... " D W A R F ".................!!

  13. Abou Kacem

    Abou Kacem

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    I find that very scary

  14. EdgyLlama


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    fun fact: Jupiter is a failed star

  15. รัศมี บาร์เรียนโตส

    รัศมี บาร์เรียนโตส

    יום לפני

    How about beetlejuice

    • รัศมี บาร์เรียนโตส

      รัศมี บาร์เรียนโตส

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      Maybe I'm wrong

  16. Benjamin Zerafa

    Benjamin Zerafa

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    Me who thinks they have an even moderate brain strength: Kurzgesagt: *kicks down door *WE CAN DO BETTER*

  17. Remo Guinid

    Remo Guinid

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    Nice BGM....



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  19. ilikegameswithnopcplayerscauziamamobileuser SDTMP

    ilikegameswithnopcplayerscauziamamobileuser SDTMP

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    what about UY Scuti? or VY Canis Morgaris

  20. Leman's Roti John Kampung Nibong

    Leman's Roti John Kampung Nibong

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    Stephonson2-18:I'm bigger than u noob hahaha Uy Scuti:Hold my beer 'Show world broker fuel' Haha can u defeat that? Stephonson2-18:NANI?!!!?!

  21. Keismer Escalona

    Keismer Escalona

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    And despite all that nothing in the universe can compare to its Creator, our God יהוה ¡Jesus is the Lord! And he's seated at the right hand of Power!

  22. Eric Marques

    Eric Marques

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    Those illustrations are awesome!!!

  23. ꧁LᴇᴠɪGᴀᴍɪɴɢ꧂


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    Stephenson 2-18 looks like it has white eyes

  24. Rhys Martin

    Rhys Martin

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    right now apologise to the brown dwarf right now actually

  25. Cleveland216


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    Imagine the life that orbits that star?! EVERYTHING IS PROBABLY RIDICULOUSLY BIG!

  26. JRock80


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    Kevin Hart will always be a real star to me

  27. Olivia Kim

    Olivia Kim

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    l love it! 5star!

  28. Olivia Kim

    Olivia Kim

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    buyed even it is 3.99 dollor



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    Isn't the app available in windows ?

  30. Marion Mifuel

    Marion Mifuel

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    its the sun i know it of coures

  31. BapraGamingRBLX


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    Gacrux: Haha look at the sun hes so small 😂😂 Sun at 10 billion years from now Sun: so whos so large now huh?

  32. Milky Knots

    Milky Knots

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    I always see a lot of stars in every pub houses



    2 ימים לפני

    the universe!!!! (da biggest?)

  34. ptschafer


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    Sun: "Surely you're not Siruis." Sirius: "I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley."

  35. PerpendicularFlight5


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    Stephenson 2-18: Outta gas

  36. Uchiha Madara

    Uchiha Madara

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    Please HUNGARIAN Subtitle!:)

  37. THE SPEI gamer

    THE SPEI gamer

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    so basically our sun is the main character in its weakest stage also looking how big our sun become when near death it actually creep me out

  38. EnderLord80K


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    "The universe is big, there are many large things in it- *epicness ensues*" Chills man, my eardrums have been blessed with this music

  39. EternalMeltdown


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    7:50 "Very Dead" is an understatement

  40. Manuel Juegos

    Manuel Juegos

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    Our sun is not orange! Is white!!! Liar!!!

  41. R4D14NT


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    i think the largest is supposed to be UY Scuti

  42. Ugly Skeleton

    Ugly Skeleton

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    Stars: "Ha! We are very large and powerful. Look at this stupid small planet." Black hole: Allow me to introduce myself.

    • Franklin Joaquin Schoenich

      Franklin Joaquin Schoenich

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      Ah yes, the favorite pastime for black holes *_S U C C_*



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    Guys just wanted to let you know we don't know if Jesus rose from the dead or even existed because even thouhg there were people back then who documented it. Well they could be lying or mistaken or have an agenda. Now today some guy in lab coast can tell you the precise size of a little glowing dot in the sky with honesty and no mistakes because like science bro.

    • bill ding

      bill ding

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      Science and media are the new religions didn't you hear? Don't question it and don't you dare think for yourself because the rich people care about you and have your best interests in their hearts. I promise

  44. Xlightzapx And more

    Xlightzapx And more

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    He roasted brown dwarfs so hard

  45. kim christopher

    kim christopher

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    me who thinks that no size scale can scare me: ... also me: embraces the *pure feiry ball of death and blinding light that is stephenson* *dies*

  46. Iocfbsulrt Hsjublleiz

    Iocfbsulrt Hsjublleiz

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    • EXPLOSION 988

      EXPLOSION 988

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      No moomer

    • Sebbie


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  47. Matt Beeson

    Matt Beeson

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    Why did you have to do my boys the brown dwarves like that :/

  48. Hivenous


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    “Stars that are a disappointment to their mums” Me: maybe I am a dwarf star

  49. Dipanshu Meena

    Dipanshu Meena

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    Background music in last was giving me chills



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    The more smaller star the more long live

  51. Ken Havens

    Ken Havens

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    According to Universe sandbox 2 it would take about 500 jupiters to make a small star

  52. stupidmemerman6979


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    Lots to learn like midgets live really long

  53. Doggo


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    I’m so sorry but this is so British it can get!!!

  54. Brown Dwarf

    Brown Dwarf

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  55. UtsuhoReiuji29


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    We are freaking dust in this universe. Everything else is so much larger than even our own Sun.

  56. Vu Thien Phuong

    Vu Thien Phuong

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    The sophisticated income parenthetically refuse because gate clasically hook times a amuck marble. luxuriant, picayune pancreas



    4 ימים לפני

    11 times larger than earth? No, it's diameter is 11 times larger. You could fit approximately 1300 Earths inside Jupiter. Edit: Senior Scientist and Senior Educator Jackie Faherty recently said could get fusion inside the core of a "planet" (wouldn't really be a planet anymore), if you had around 13 Jupiters. 90 would be plenty to create fusion. Check your facts.

    • Xenøphørm


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      Same shit

  58. Darth Dart

    Darth Dart

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    Kurgesagt: we want to talk about stars. not failed want to be stars Me: I guess thats the harsh reality for all

  59. IILordJamesII Official

    IILordJamesII Official

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    Quasi star biggest

  60. Dani Radley

    Dani Radley

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    The largest star is canis majoris

  61. CoolMrCatz


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    poor UY scuti.

  62. Naomi Paredes

    Naomi Paredes

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    the sun is small its a red giant its not even full grown it will grow more there is red SUPERgiants it bigger and stronger then the sun

  63. Giovanni Lido

    Giovanni Lido

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    4:05 Is that really a beta (β) or is that an Eszett (ß)?

  64. Jay1 Live

    Jay1 Live

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    Planet earth will be cooked when the sun swells

  65. sNossi l

    sNossi l

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    Ziemi dobrze nie znacie a o wrzechswiecie chcecie coś pokazywać. Bzdury

  66. Haoran Tan

    Haoran Tan

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    Just to clear things up a bit: stephenson 2-18 is the largest sun in diameter, and r136a1 is the most massive or heaviest

  67. Rogan McCoy

    Rogan McCoy

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    Stephenson 2-18 Exists. Uy Scuti: "i used to rule the world"

  68. WalteccInc


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    Wow you guys didn't have to bully Brown Dwarfs like this 😔

  69. BobaJoe


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    In a champagne supernova in the sky...

  70. eynick


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    And humans are still arrogant and think they‘re big...

  71. S Saeed

    S Saeed

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    I like subeditor and hit that bell

  72. S Saeed

    S Saeed

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    It’s a red hyper giant is the winner

  73. syedhades sol

    syedhades sol

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    10:14 ❤️

  74. pluto • 70 years ago

    pluto • 70 years ago

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    This is why earyh is biger than saturn bc java minecraft world is 1000x bigger than earth and its biggwr than saturn

  75. Humble And Happy

    Humble And Happy

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    Wow!They’re huge

  76. Cosmic Gaming

    Cosmic Gaming

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    “...being a big disappointment to their mums.” That had me laughing for about 3 minutes!

  77. aiden deboer

    aiden deboer

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    poor brown dwarf 1:17

  78. Caleb Charlemagne

    Caleb Charlemagne

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    It will take 8.7 hours if you take a warp Drive

  79. Thatoneguywhosnameisjobbledumgombchavetoru


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    Alternate title:kurzgesagt cyberbullies brown dwarfs.

  80. CarrotSword Gaming

    CarrotSword Gaming

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    7:07 Why don't they teach us about hypergiants in school?

  81. Aariz Imran

    Aariz Imran

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    white dwarf look like i just could squish it

  82. tara k

    tara k

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    Imagine being in front of Stephenson and having it fill your entire vision so all you can see if fiery death stuff

  83. Godly SRYT

    Godly SRYT

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    uyas scuti

  84. Deep Patel

    Deep Patel

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    The experience of listening to him with that background music and that information 😍 Makes me feel like I’m in space right now

  85. chupacabra 23

    chupacabra 23

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    What happens if you put 163 gigawatts in a arc welder

  86. pyq Shawn

    pyq Shawn

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    0:41 *Happy brown dwarf.*

  87. Astyages


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    Let me guess , dislikes are flat earthers ?🤣

  88. khue vo

    khue vo

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    Not even 1 minute in the video and he roasts a star

  89. Nick Kaila

    Nick Kaila

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    No u y scuty biggest

  90. Marshmilo


    6 ימים לפני

    Just thinking about that moment when the Sun completely obliterates our planet , our bones will be nothing but dust and a far distant memory of this planet...and then once again we'll become part of the cosmos.. it's poetic.. we are so small compared to things happening out there in this very moment.

  91. Shital Said

    Shital Said

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    Uy scuti

  92. Sarah Parker

    Sarah Parker

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    6 ימים לפני

    The quasi star is like the size of 100,000,000,000 suns

    • EXPLOSION 988

      EXPLOSION 988

      16 שעות לפני

      No it is 33.4 AU

  94. The Signature Luigi

    The Signature Luigi

    6 ימים לפני

    intro: you mightve thought that the sun is powerful ending: yeah you are VERY wrong, around 2000 times the radius of the sun, so bright you probably can see it from earth

  95. Colton Hobbs

    Colton Hobbs

    6 ימים לפני

    You thik the biggest star would be the hottest but... It is not a large is the hottest

  96. James Huynh

    James Huynh

    6 ימים לפני

    Where is Uy

  97. James Huynh

    James Huynh

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    Proxima Centauri may be a red star

  98. Everyone’s done with Arj.

    Everyone’s done with Arj.

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    “Brown dwarfs. Failed stars that are a huge Disappointment to their mums.” *maybe I’m a brown dwarf*

  99. 안영철


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    There's no Korean subtitles in the middle.

  100. Nameer Iqbal

    Nameer Iqbal

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    Poor brown dwarfs :((