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As you may have noticed, we like to blow stuff up on this channel. So when the International Red Cross approached us to collaborate on a video about nuclear weapons, we were more than excited.
Until we did the research. It turned out we were a bit oblivious off the real impact of nuclear weapons in the real world, on a real city. And especially, how helpless even the most developed nations on earth would be if an attack occurred today.
So hopefully this video demonstrates how extremely non fun a real world nuclear attack would be, without being too gruesome. This collaboration was a blast (no pun intended) and we want to say a huge thank you to the International Red Cross!

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      How to more at command

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      @Alphahurricane go seelp my boy

    • Alphahurricane


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      Guys i discovered you like 3 days ago and i love your vids but Cold war hasnt teach you anything? we avoided a 3 world war exactly thanks to the nuclear menace, that threats everyone in the same proportion. guess what? weapons are immoral, lets ban them. Result? the first army that shows up conquers the entire world with brute force. Its not about morality is about an equilibrium of powers, geopolitics. "Si vis pacem para bellum"

    • Teresa Tan

      Teresa Tan

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  2. raphael44ify


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    Wtf?? You'd stand there and take pictures of the mushroom cloud?? Get tf out of here! I'd be too busy crapping my pants....

  3. Lycoris


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    can we use Nuclear weapon in medieval age?

  4. A.R


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    'No nation on Earth is prepared to deal with it' - So is it a case of 'We fire first' or 'Right lads, time to bin these bad boys'. I know it’s wishful thinking but how incredible would life be on the planet if all nations, all religions and EVERYONE worked together. Perhaps one day but I know I’ll never see that in my lifetime.

  5. bl1ndTRAPS


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    fallout fans:oh hoho this bout to be good

  6. Derek Alexander

    Derek Alexander

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    we already nuked a couple cities my guy

  7. Luke Saltiboi

    Luke Saltiboi

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    The black rain is the most terrifying part. I remember when I first read about that years ago. It seems so hell like

  8. l o f i s u c k s

    l o f i s u c k s

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    even of we got the world to stop using nukes, if a war broke out they can just make more and as if they would actually get rid of the nukes

  9. Oleg


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    Except there's a practical issue: what exactly will all those politicians do if a state like Iran or North Korea develops nukes in spite of the ban? Judging by what world leaders have done so far, the answer is "scold them, ban a few high officials from entering your country, and give them some humanitarian aid when you're done". In other words, nothing. What do non-proliferation treaties offer that would be even a quarter as efficient as MAD at guaranteeing obedience? (As in, something so horrible and immediate that it would ensure the treaties won't be violated without punishment for at least 15 years.) And how do you even control the execution of such a treaty? MAD has a clear positive criterion of someone violating it: a freaking nuke goes off. But how do you verify that a country does NOT have any nukes? As in, how do you prove a negative? Do you go through every military warehouse in the entire country with a Geiger counter? But what if there are military bases NOT on the list, or if they hide nukes in abandoned mines? MAD sucks. But those treaties are just empty air, used to win political points rather than to actually make the world safer. Until concrete, realistic policies of determining a country's nuclear capacity and forcing it to obey the treaty are put into place, treaties won't replace MAD as a deterrent policy. And incorporating such methods is an entire different can of worms, because it leaves a lot to the discretion of stronger countries. Remember how Iraq got invaded because United States said Iraq had chemical weaponry? Except whoops, it didn't.

  10. cameraman502


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    And then it gets worse the video

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    Green Fire Gaming

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    yep the fire fighters be like fire fighter: I QUIT !

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    can we take a moment to appreciate the quality animation?

  13. I Believe In Gaming

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    Eliminate all nuclear weapons but one. Then detonate that 1 for shiggles

  14. Oskar Sõrmus

    Oskar Sõrmus

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    What if we nuke a city? I dunno, maybe the city will blow up

  15. 380 MPH

    380 MPH

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    Humans are way smarter than mouse, but mouse never made mouse trap

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    Tak perlu lah cakap hal tu.. Lagi lagi bercakap hal dia

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    kurzgesagt in a nutshell: What if we nuke a city? Me: We all die.

  19. Esaias chua

    Esaias chua

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    Nagasaki and hiroshima be like: oh no not again

  20. Christian L

    Christian L

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    America be like *done and done*

  21. Mafijul Bhuiyan

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    21 km = Many Injuries People after 21 km: 0_0

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    Did anybody tried with a fridge?

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    You get hiroshima.



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    Kurzgesagt is germany

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    HI vault-tec here due to your service to our country you have been selected into your local vault!

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    God that’s terrifying it’s good no one has ever tried it

    • Glend Junus Lodo Li

      Glend Junus Lodo Li

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      Umm.ever heard about Hiroshima and Nagasaki ?

  29. Baldski


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    This is who people at Hiroshima felt..

  30. GRANDmaster


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    Am i the only one who cried ?

  31. IRON WOLF 117

    IRON WOLF 117

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    Nukes are very powerful weapons I they should be eliminated all the nukes should be eliminated not all but some if you haven't watched the movie Independence Day I have a fear that aliens are real because our sun is a star to a different planet out there this was a very educational video 👍

  32. Andrew


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    As someone who lives very near the uk base of nukes this is terrifying, my city would be the first to go if war broke out. Greetings from an occupied Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  33. cdm


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    all i know is I hope my life ends quickafter one of these sets off

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    1:26 Oh no! Not the tacky sculptures!!!

  35. Alfie Frimpong-Anim

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    what software was used to make this video? Thanks

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    Bethesda Games Studio: Write That Down!

  37. LKA


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    What happens if you nuke a city World war lll starts

  38. Shirley Lee

    Shirley Lee

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    It is freaky - I am thankful that people promised not to use atomic bombs

    • TheOperator 3712

      TheOperator 3712

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      The people that made that promise, were the people without nuclear weapons.

  39. Steven Universe

    Steven Universe

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    The title made me die, like i was like "hol,up



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    Nuclear is a plasma more positive

  41. I t

    I t

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    How big of nuke we were talking about?

  42. Polski Developer

    Polski Developer

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    7:53 It is NOT a solution. In case of huge scale war, side that will use nukes will win and side that will not will lose. It is foolish to believe that nobody will use this huge advantage in war, and not just start building nuclear bombs.

    • S Anne

      S Anne

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      Ya start making nuclear bombs get into a big war and watch the world burn buddy if we don't end nuclear war it will end humanity

  43. games tech

    games tech

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    us has neuclear weapon...r8😑

  44. Blackadderthefourth


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    The fil Threads is maybe the best depiction ever of a post nuclear war and I would reccomend it - however be warned it is very harrowing and makes this look very light hearted.

  45. ath1ef4


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    POV : america on 1945

  46. Reese Martin

    Reese Martin

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    I have a fear of nukes Wanna know how I got it? 1: I had a dream of it 2: next day it was windy and I knew a nuke was happening 3: oh I thought a nuke was happening 4: I was just fine 5: some day a nuke is gonna happen

  47. Ulzii Tse

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  48. Jordi Salavert

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    What do you mean what if? We’ve already done it

  49. Eugene Lo

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    "what if we nuke a city" We'll die

  50. Hayden H

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    Nagasaki and Hiroshima: Dont Worry... We... Alre... Ady... Had... Tha........... Us: Guys We didn’t mean It No come on.

  51. Cristian Herendi

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    Worst thing to say as a president after watching this video: Let's find out!

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    great vids

  53. sevinc Karadag Genc

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    Kurzgesagt bomb 80 kiloton

  54. sevinc Karadag Genc

    sevinc Karadag Genc

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    Friends hirosima plazma 230 metres kurzgesagt plazma 2000 metres

  55. bobby2loaves


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    Hasn’t it already happened twice?

  56. Mason Briggs

    Mason Briggs

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    Barefoot Gen

  57. itachi Uchiha

    itachi Uchiha

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  58. Denys Albesko

    Denys Albesko

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    8:07 how do you make north korea give up nukes, genius? xD

  59. Evan Thomas

    Evan Thomas

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    We already did 😉

  60. kudenthuib


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  61. SamoGon170


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    Полный отказ от ядерного оружия, что за бред. Ядерное оружие это единственно что удерживает всех от начала третей мировой войны. Притом в мире есть более страшное оружие - биологическое.

  62. La Obayd

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  63. EOD Juggernaut

    EOD Juggernaut

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    “Helicopters can’t land to save people” Video games: What? Cant they land on *THIN GODDAMN AIR?*

  64. noi ni

    noi ni

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    I don't understand. This already happened with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We already know what happens if you nuke a city, why is it phrased as something totally new and unknown?

    • Justaperson


      3 ימים לפני

      They were tiny nukes compared to the weapons we have now. The nukes now are almost in an entirely different league of destruction. Having said that,despite being small yield, Hiroshima and Nagasaki still killed 100s of thousands instantly.

  65. Jeremiah Exequiel Magnayi

    Jeremiah Exequiel Magnayi

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    So basically everyone dies

  66. Kyle Womack

    Kyle Womack

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    If u do, ur dead if ur in that city probably

  67. ً


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    Kim Jong Un : did somebody say nuke ?

  68. Thạnh Phạm

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    Positrons + and electrons -- rotate very rapidly after 46,5 billions years of creating the Hercules - Corona borealis Greatwall ' s core. So the core of the Hercules- Corona borealis Greatwall spins very quickly like A super large electric turbine that produces super large electrical Every second the Hercules - Corona borealis Greatwall pushes out into space 2400 billions billions tons of photons return to their original position after 93 billion years, thus pushed the entire universe to spin

  69. Vinny Avalos

    Vinny Avalos

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    Is this metaphorical or a threat?

  70. seth blanton

    seth blanton

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    It sounds amazing

  71. Mike Mitchko

    Mike Mitchko

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    “No nation is ready for a disaster like this”- let’s give Japan two

  72. Jenny Liu

    Jenny Liu

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    we die

  73. A Muir

    A Muir

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    Double bast of light as it takes a plutonium atom explosion to set of the hydrogen/lithium atom explosion that requires more pressure heat etc

  74. Hmmm


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    Please dont drop tsar bomba tho

  75. Broken Inbox

    Broken Inbox

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    Joe Biden watching this like: “😳✌️”

  76. otaku


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    We had a one in the toilet

  77. DROID_ XD


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    i tink hiding in a fridge is a best way to avoid geting roten like a chicken leg after 5 years.

  78. Taimoor Khawaja

    Taimoor Khawaja

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    what is with this channel and nukes.

  79. Droid boy

    Droid boy

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    Pls don't

  80. J Murphy

    J Murphy

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    I'm just going to say this and this is my opinion but I personally think that the only thing stopping nuclear war are nuclear weapons because if you do not have them then your are vulnerable to nuclear attack and because of this you have no way to counter it and just have to take millions of deaths but if you have nuclear weapons then no one will want to nuke you for the simple reason that they don't want to be nuked themselves so nuclear weapons IN MY OPINION are a key part in stopping nuclear war. (again this is MY OPINION)

  81. Xavian Ehrhart

    Xavian Ehrhart

    5 ימים לפני




    5 ימים לפני

    Well i saw all the phases in real life, don't ask how

  83. Malika Fisher

    Malika Fisher

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    This is one bomb imagine what it would be like with a whole nuclear war.

  84. Riczardo


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    The worst in atomic bomb is radiation.

  85. Tanisha Akter

    Tanisha Akter

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  86. Goose


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    Q: What if we nuke a city? A: Not good things.

  87. Jay Vwj

    Jay Vwj

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    so basically we shouldn’t use nukes

  88. First name Last name

    First name Last name

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    Why is this even a video? We have already seen what a nuclear bomb does to a city. Twice.

  89. GumTrail


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    Yeah that was my Amazon prime delivery

  90. مشعل العنزي

    مشعل العنزي

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    Fun video

  91. Masked Gam3r Time

    Masked Gam3r Time

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    Why wait to find out?

  92. Peggy Gallagher

    Peggy Gallagher

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    Skibidi bop mm dada *nuke explodes*

  93. Eracnet


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    Just ask the US, they’ll definitely know

  94. Zobi_YT


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    Asssuming it was North Korea that did this, you would get your life destroyed by the U.S of A

  95. Alexander Gr

    Alexander Gr

    6 ימים לפני

    Uhhhm did not the Germans and some others help create these weapons with the relevant science and technology? Now, they lecture others.....Talk about some moral authority....

  96. Jie Han Chong

    Jie Han Chong

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    Great wallpaper btw

  97. John Voltaire Beronᆞ11 years ago

    John Voltaire Beronᆞ11 years ago

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    Alternative Title: how to fucking shut up a nuke

  98. Bay George

    Bay George

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  99. Mick De boer

    Mick De boer

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    Soooo let me get this straight. This is what people in hiroshima and nagasaki noticed?

  100. Antonio Faulkner

    Antonio Faulkner

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    The music tho