When Time Became History - The Human Era

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For the fifth time, we present to you the Human Era Calendar for the year 12,021 - this time it is all about the journey of humanity, beginning tens of thousands of years ago, leading into the revolution of agriculture, to ancient high civilizations and the beginning of modern times, culminating in a vision for our future. You can get the limited Edition now until we sell out and then never again. As always the calendar features 12 illustrated pages printed on high quality paper in Europe and the US. And this year the cover is especially shiny. The calendar will look great on your wall and let you dream about a glorious future. We truly have come far as a species!
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      I wanted to get the calendar but i only really paid attention to the channel after it was sold out :(

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      Hi Kurzgesagt.

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      Z XX I

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  2. Jerick Domingo

    Jerick Domingo

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    the best channel and videos ever!

  3. mr Russian guyERza 2020

    mr Russian guyERza 2020

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    Of course, the first humans looked different. Also, it's a good point. Whether the first humans have looked different was a mystery. It's hardly a mystery to see, how different humanity was. Some people are still hideous. I do see that some people would have a hideous advantage. I did have a hideous advantage, just by pretending to be right. There were such people who've had hideous advantages. Anyway, I doubt some would have a better advantage at arguing with me. It's just pathetic how some people ate supposed to spread "knowledge". It's one thing to gather knowledge, but it's another to be ridiculous. If anything, I should convince some people with what I say. I do see whatever is really interesting about history. Ignorance is bliss though.

  4. mr Russian guyERza 2020

    mr Russian guyERza 2020

    21 שעה לפני

    It's almost crazy to think about humanity. It's a matter of seeing the truth about battles, or sieges. I don't want to be concerned with the same problem. It's one thing to be educated, but it's another to know less about nature. There is some truth to ignorance and hatred. I do think it's interesting to learn more about Earth. Anyway, I'm serious with how I speak. Even though some people hardly are aware of humanity, I know humanity. However, I'm not making a whole subject about humanity itself. It would be quite boring to come across some opinions. I'd rather not be confused about what I say. It would be quite boring to argue with some people. It would be boring to argue with some people, due to their ignorance. Anyway, it's quite good to understand the evolution of a human being. I would not be wrong about, how interested I am. I just think it's better to not worry about some people. At the end of the day, alcohol is still a thing. 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I would live my life, unlike suffering from constant hatred. I would ignore you, unlike seeing you once. You probably don't know what you're talking about. Some people probably didn't know what they were talking about. What we've said was limited at times. What some people have said was very limited. I would appreciate food, unlike how some people would appreciate life. I would disrespect you, unlike how you would disrespect me once. I would disrespect some people, unlike how they would disrespect me. We do want food, whenever I do. We do want a salad, which is healthy enough. I do like salad, just like I like healthy food. We would distract each other, one way or another. We did distract each other, one way or another. You would offend me, when really it's unlikely you'll offend me. Some people would offend me, when really they won't offend me.The fact that, it's good to talk about hatred is a contributing factor. It's not bad at all to know one fact about time. It's not relevant at all to see, how nature evolves on this planet. However, I was just talking about nature. Of course, one human has the ability to be more serious. It would be almost crazy for me to get distracted by someone. We can be serious, just by not underestimating a human being. I'd say a human can go far, just by seeing time. Whether time is a constant factor contributes to life. The fact that, it's good to talk about life is a contributing factor. It's almost crazy to think about life.I'll watch that video without focusing on irrelevant opinions about it. It's not my fault some people think they deserve attention here. At the end of the day, I know history matters. I'm not talking about what I say endlessly. I just couldn't care less who gets interested in a black hole. It's pathetic to see some people try to be wise, when they look ignorant. I do try to be wise, just by seeing a history video. Whether black holes are confusing has little or nothing to do with our planet. Of course, anything can happen in the universe. It doesn't make much sense for me to see some people being curious. Quite frankly, I was curious a little after seeing a black hole. We never have seen a black hole in real life. Even though Black holes exist, they are strange enough. I don't need to see some irrelevant opinions about what is discussed in a video. Anyway, I'll gladly watch the video without being rude. I was only serious due to some ignorance from a person. Once again, I won't complain a lot about the channel, besides how I never watch it. It would be fair to judge a person, if they provide more ignorance. Whether some people will complain about me has little or nothing to do with me. I'm just here giving my opinions about a history video. I never even know another channel called "Kurzigat" existed. I do respect some knowledge about the universe. I was serious here, except I had a good reason to be so. I'd only distract myself by seeing some people. Anyway, the Earth is big, except the universe is bigger. A black hole can cause endless mysteries. I can clearly see a black hole as problematic. The universe seems endless, as far as I'm concerned. The earth seems endless, as far as I'm concerned. Whether or not, aliens are real depending on what proof is gathered about them. If there is proof about aliens already, that's different. It seems interesting that I'm talking. Black holes do exist after all. Even if black holes are dangerous, there is limited knowledge about them. Some people deserve to be ignored, except history represents the past. When I say "the past," I mostly refer to the distant centuries. I do respect the universe, one way or another. I don't have to be bad, except it's good to talk about black holes.

  5. Praise The Sun

    Praise The Sun

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    Lol. Spoiler. We are going to destroy ourselves before anything like this happens.

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    Ahmed Halawa

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    Oh The music!!!

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    I feel like this is their most underrated video like this needs 50m views

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    2021 rn

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      year 12021 of þe human era

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    Wawancraftia Plays

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    Everybody gangsta until kurzgesagt makes a civilization 6 tutorial

  10. Wawancraftia Plays

    Wawancraftia Plays

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    Imagine future generations finds minecraft and they find out the real nostalgia value of it

  11. Jake


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    This video is making me feel more proud to be a human but the problem is that we don't take care of our planet, so we need to make a change

  12. -ThatThereDelibird-


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    It almost hurts to know that there's millennia worth of history lost to time. What was going on in 7000 BC? Or should I say 3000 HE? I sure as heck don't know.

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    Vu Thien Phuong

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    I'm proud to be apart of this history

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    I love this channel so much

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    This is basically like going through a video game and starting from 0 to get to 100

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    The beggining of yhis video made me have an existential crisis for a week

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    will you have more calendars? They are all sold out :(.... Love your work by the way!

  20. Николай Ким

    Николай Ким

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    Point with no idea about antagonism between classes. Start of civilization can be able only when somebody have a lot of free time, because somebody else work. Slaves, for example

  21. Terabite


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    A scientist (1500 years in the future) found a fidget spinner Scientist:What is this... could this be a powerful energy cultivator that can change the world?!

  22. EMS 76

    EMS 76

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    It would be nice if the Holocene Calendar caught on, but I doubt that it will.

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    I cried during this a couple months ago

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    Why does tribe era look way better than now i wanna go back >:(

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    my favorite calendar😊😁🤗

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    Oh man I wanted buy one

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    they might also wonder why contents of the homework folder never matched its contents ;)

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    Manuel Dela Cruz

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    0:53 Try to google it

  30. acdot


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    I know we self-condemn often....but I, for one, am very proud of our species.

  31. Otavio Emilio

    Otavio Emilio

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    Please say that you guys have those soundtracks available. Its a work of art.

  32. kjzsbtby


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    I always cry with your videos. I was hopeless for humanity. But the knowledge kurzgesagt transmit made me be objetive and stop viewing humanity for what media express but see it as a whole trought history and well we've been very belic but still hope always is there and the beautiful of the human civilization.

  33. Landon Jones

    Landon Jones

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    Future generation find my phone and looks though my history..

  34. Noob Nub

    Noob Nub

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    nature be like: some um, basically humanity will have to give up on forests and the wild right?

  35. try just try and stop

    try just try and stop

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    Maybe our ancestors watch as the ants worked and realized that working benefits in the long run

  36. French people Be like Oui Oui baguette

    French people Be like Oui Oui baguette

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    Bold of you to assume that this planet has a future

  37. Brukujin Brokujin

    Brukujin Brokujin

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    You forget semi nomadic. A tribe who stand in one place but still practice hunting. This gives advantage to woman but more grind for the husbands and young hunters. After the animals are growing less and less, they are forced to expand their agriculture. Tribes who dont have agriculture technology, fall behind and die. Tribes get agriculture technology by their ancestors or bartering and connecting to other tribe. In the end, agriculture grows. The one who dont have agriculture, forced to move, become nomadic again, and probably die.

  38. U Ph

    U Ph

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    I wish in the future, all dogs, and cats and animals on Earth can have happy lives, be treated well.

    • Jake


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      Yeah if we want the world to be better we need to treat other spiecies the same way we treat each other

    • JW2


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      Cows and chickens too

  39. Stanton Kamer

    Stanton Kamer

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    I love the human erar

  40. ChaosSynergy


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    Eh, these videos no longer satisfy me, they feel very reductionist and oversimplifying. But I guess that's what you get with short videos about complex topics.

    • Thomas Muller

      Thomas Muller

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  41. Not_ Izzy

    Not_ Izzy

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    0:46 “Ancient bottle opener” LOL ITS A FIDGET SPINNER YALL

  42. Bibhabaree Sahu

    Bibhabaree Sahu

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    What if they just didn’t want to go around hunting like I mean they are OUR ancestors

  43. Bibhabaree Sahu

    Bibhabaree Sahu

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    6:37 my man do be vibin

  44. Margarita Kaboli

    Margarita Kaboli

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    1:39 : Thukididis history. he was a Greek historian και ναι, ειμαι Ελληνας για να το ξερω αυτο

  45. Chester Fitzgerald

    Chester Fitzgerald

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    Man I'm useless

  47. Jordie Higa

    Jordie Higa

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    i started watching for the fun video but ended up sad because of learning of the resiliency of the human condition

  48. Ephraim


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    This could be a game!

  49. Erasure Head

    Erasure Head

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    This shows how far we came as a species.

  50. Shehzil


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    Why do they keep saying 12021 ? am I missing something.

    • Magellanic


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      the human era is a proposed year numbering system that adds 10000 years to the current system

  51. just a gemtree with internet

    just a gemtree with internet

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    It’s kinda crazy to think that modern humans right now will be ancient in thousands of years.

  52. Fayez Bilal

    Fayez Bilal

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    The childlike liquid fascinatingly murder because employer analytically suffer without a first event. rude, automatic quartz

  53. Andrew Trecartin

    Andrew Trecartin

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    It's rather simple to answer why humans chose to farm instead of forage. Security. Farming is the only way to ensure you have an abundance of calories, as you can spend all day foraging and end up with a more varied but much smaller amount of food.

  54. Rex Longfellow

    Rex Longfellow

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    God I feel so proud of humanity after watching this video.

  55. 邓菲


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    Humans in the future trying to learn about you are using E. T

  56. The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market

    The mannequin that invested in the STONKS market

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    The future generations will figure out how Joe is

  57. Sshanvi Mahajan

    Sshanvi Mahajan

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    I love this channel

  58. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment

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    I dont think archeology will exist in future because we got the internet now and every information they need is already stored in it

  59. Mr.Government


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    Can't wait for the next 12,000 years so I can watch kurzgesagt 2.0 make a video about today

  60. Connor Cunny

    Connor Cunny

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    Minions, they'll outlast us all

  61. daboss daboss

    daboss daboss

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    Why a fidget spinner? So 2016.

  62. Lucas Kikkawa

    Lucas Kikkawa

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    Too bad we usually don't have this macro vision.

  63. Rotormatic


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    Futuristic rotating Kurzgesagt bird building in the distance at 9:02 in the video.

  64. Math Accro

    Math Accro

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    6:35 that man is really putting up some moves!

  65. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper

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    "Ancient Bottle opener" ? What if ancient pottery that were cherized in museums were just old days equivalent of Vases with flowers or cats or dogs on them ?

  66. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper

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    I can't wait for future generations to decipher I | I || |-

  67. Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams

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    These videos are so well animated. Pure excellence, and this video in itself brings me joy. I hope someone 12,000 years from now finds this and can somehow understand that we weren't all bad.

  68. IAmSeamonkey


    21 יום לפני

    it is genuinely amazing how much of history suddenly becomes crystal clear when you accept that the humans of the past were functionally identical to the humans of today. technology alone held them back and absolutely nothing else. once you accept that, you understand everything.

  69. XHunt Gaming - Youtube

    XHunt Gaming - Youtube

    21 יום לפני

    At one point, our current world will be considered ancient.

  70. Brandon Howarth

    Brandon Howarth

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    Like future inventions as well like airships subversive house build underwater, and idea if they had planets and stars colder that -1000 kelvin or -1,000 degress? Like liquid nitrogen planets? We want be forced to wear diapers or diaper colonialism that won't happen atleast i don't think it will past or future events? Only want not to go extinct is to go to other planets all in good time? Like spread population's put and survive in different locations within the universe itself maybe venture outside our own galaxy? But through machines? But they need found any bigger trench or water deeper then marianas trench is 11km deep under sea level and can rise to 9000m water above sea level as i heard? Water on earth reach 20km deep under water it could reach? And 20km above sea level watet could reach the stratosphere by thats sci fi talk? As far as we know it never reach that far yet? Its Probably speculation?

  71. Ғɪʟɪᴘᴘ.ᴍᴀɴᴛ


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    Didnt know u speak Greek

  72. Ғɪʟɪᴘᴘ.ᴍᴀɴᴛ


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    Θουκυδίδης ΙΣΤΟΡΙΗ

  73. Harbert James

    Harbert James

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    Nice video but People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

    • kelvin buffet

      kelvin buffet

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      Don't sleep on it...this is a time to invest I recently just bought another property valued at over $10m. I wish I knew the right investment firm to invest with earlier, better late than never thought.

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      Jacob Owen

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      @Elizabeth Mary I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Mr bruno walter 🇱🇷

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      Elizabeth Mary

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  74. HaoS


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    I love these animations sooooo much! Of course, the way Kurzgesagt does the videos is so awesome in general. The information is easy to understand, the research is amazing, and even the fact that they admit and correct things when they're wrong, it's all great! I discovered Kurzgesagt a few months ago, and as I said, everything is so cool, but as an illustrator myself, I'm just blown away by how beautiful these videos are! I hope one day I'll work on something just as great as Kurzgesagt

  75. SummonGames


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    Сомневаюсь насчет планетарной революции мы дальше земли врядли продвинимся максимум марс

  76. Emilian-Remus Botoș

    Emilian-Remus Botoș

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    We are 3,5 billion humans, who are christians and believe in Bible, who teach us the earth was made by God în 6 days, and the earth is young, 7530 years from Adam and Eve, 5509 until Christ plus 2021 today. Thousands of Scientific proofs the Earth îs young, no 14 billions mumbo jumbo. :) God bless us all, the believers.

    • Magellanic


      17 ימים לפני

      hey how old are fossils

  77. raid dere

    raid dere

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    Imagine how many views this would have in 12,000 years

  78. spearheadgaming


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    I have a feeling that the future will have a better understanding of us because we have full color hd photos and videos that document lives. Its called social media

  79. Samanway Chatterjee

    Samanway Chatterjee

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    Kurzgesagt videos are amazing as always and I have been a subscriber for a while now but goddamn I gotta hand it to Epic Mountain for these epic soundtracks they happen to deliver time and time again.

  80. titan explore

    titan explore

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    I like HISTORY subject

  81. Koishi Komeiji

    Koishi Komeiji

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    ATARI ET🤣🤣🤣

  82. skid


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    the title makes me think, in the future people will say: "remember time?" "oh yeaaa" "that was so long ago"

  83. Oscar Wind

    Oscar Wind

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    I think it is amazing that in just 12,000 years we went form hubter gathers to sending stuff into space. Mabye humans are just special and advanced down the tech tree way faster then we should have?

  84. Oleksii Kolesnikov

    Oleksii Kolesnikov

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    I'm interested, how does nomad lifestyle adds to the human progress. It seems to me that they didn't use the benefits of agriculture and still prospered and even created their own empires.

  85. hauptmj


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    I love the animations here

  86. Meyer Rosen

    Meyer Rosen

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    The guiltless saudi arabia substantially appreciate because cabbage coincidently hook since a endurable flag. cute, quaint submarine

  87. spoony_ skies

    spoony_ skies

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    This channel is so inspiring!! I cant believe we can get such amazing content for free! I love space and this channel is so good! I've learned so much more about what could be out there!

  88. Jewel M.J

    Jewel M.J

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    I love epic mountain

  89. Fra Dere

    Fra Dere

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    now i feel full of hope for humanity, but still wonder who are the dicks that disliked this video

  90. BLaZe Monsoon

    BLaZe Monsoon

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    Please do a video on the warp drive theory

  91. Eurasia Acaci .-

    Eurasia Acaci .-

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    Hello future historians of humanity, hope this small part of the story of humanity ( my time/my history ) may be interesting for your eyes to see Also Megumin best girl !!!!

  92. Zachary Richards

    Zachary Richards

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    Danm their store is actually affordable.

  93. Miliya Rani

    Miliya Rani

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    The supreme flugelhorn counterintuitively invent because illegal typically shop at a actually drama. belligerent, bustling thunder

  94. Kirbioshi


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    In 12,000 years, people will found an Ancient Sd card Full of Golden Memes, they will be very confused.

  95. yusman yusof

    yusman yusof

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    that means we are descendant of prophet Adam and his wife, eve.

  96. Krypion17


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    damn this gave me goosebumps



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    20.000.000 years from now rick rolling will still be a thing

  98. N0rdlys_


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    That's cool and all, but I still don't know how we discovered sex.

  99. Toki


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    This has me feeling some kinda emotional. Why do I feel sad?

  100. No Commentary

    No Commentary

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    I actually teared up watching this.