How Many People Did Nuclear Energy Kill? Nuclear Death Toll

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Nuclear energy creates an uneasy feeling of danger for many people: ancient and dangerous minerals are concentrated to awaken seemingly unnatural powers, creating toxic elements that, if they escape, can and have killed people in horrible ways. How many people has nuclear energy killed and how?
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      @Henry Walke Yes we could, until the first rocket explodes above your state and burning highly toxic and highly radioactive material falls on your home. Good luck with that.

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      I think im too late

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    Nuke weapons vs merkür nuke 15 kiloton

  3. Amelia


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    I was never worried about the powerplant accidents associated with nuclear power I was and still am worried about nuclear waste storage and partly about the ability of potential terrorist's getting their hands on weapons grade nuclear material from their local power plant.

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    Genomic Wizard

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    Hope we could get fusion technology soon

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    So Covid is worse than Chernobyl could ever be? And pollution

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    if only the banqing hydropower thing wasn't made in china

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    So what about the atomic bombs dropped on Japan?

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    The fact that Germany is dismantling nuclear plants in favor of coal is heart breaking

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    why not turkish captions?

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    Ondrej Vojta

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    yeah, sadly fossil fuel companies have lobbyists so its almost impossible to change this without changing the state of the lobbysm in goverments

    • Jesse Markham

      Jesse Markham

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      Its bribery and corruption with another name

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    Где русские субтитры?!!

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    These types of death tolls are tricky. Being alive gives you a 100% chance of eventually dying.

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    I would love a video about nuclear waste and what not...

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    What we should do is throw heat sensors in the reactor that are connected to the emergency systems.

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    If kurzgesagt had the power to rule the world, humankind would be so much better

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    We need a video on thorium rector

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    Why would you believe anything from WHO who the Chinese payed of . It’s a corrupt organization. Do you know where millions of deaths happened in China by the communists tens of million

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    Sub indo?🗿

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    Why Germany of all countries shutting down their nuclear facility? I thought Germany is a country full of genius engineer ready to apply new & safer innovation

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    this is a 10/10 vid

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      ya me

    • Kyle Floden

      Kyle Floden

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      ya me

  25. Sordatos


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    The problem is excactly at they said: our brains havent evolved to measure long term (or even mid term) dangers, we saw a dister some years ago and now we decided nuclear energy is too dangerous wihtout counterweighting the damage fossil fuel do

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    I would find a relative death toll statistic over a million years highly interesting. In the meantime: Saving money to put a solar panel on my roof.

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    Please make a full video about renewable vs nuclear energy and the benefits of nuclear energy and renewable energy as well as whether or not hydrogen based energy in cars and machinery will be yet another possibility. I hope the way you approach issues at Kurzgesagt gets to enough people so that the scientific method is applied to more things in the average person everyday life. I really believe independent thinking is the best way to seriously impact anyone's part of their world in the year 12021.

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    • Dra. FATIMA MELO

      Dra. FATIMA MELO

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      this is because alot of the public thinks that nuclear enegy is the most dangerous energy and is a dangerous thing, it is dangerous, but much less then a lot of the public think, pretty sure that there were some protest in those countries which pretty much forced the goverment to shut them down for fossil fuels

  41. Wawancraftia Plays

    Wawancraftia Plays

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    I once have a strange dream about a power plant based on human sweat and slavery, and it was very effective

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    Yes please👍

  43. Victoria 999

    Victoria 999

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    What about hydrogen power or magnetic power, they're much better than nuclear and cleaner.

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    this is milk trust me

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    doofenshmirtz incorporated 4:24

  48. apachewolfscout


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    The views offered in this video are in essence mistaken and almost certainly intentionally dishonest, even if it's statistics are not necessarily fabricated, but are in some cases impossible to verify. It is dishonest in clearly trying to say nuclear energy saves lives and is one of the safest forms of energy. It is dishonest to say it 'saved two million lives'...there isn't such a clear correlation, for a start, fossil fuels could have been replaced with wind, solar or other energy generations schemes; but there are many reasons to clearly fear man made nuclear energy ; deaths occur from pollution due to coal no doubt, but Fukoshima caused around 160.000 to evacuate, ruined tens of thousands of lives in one stroke in a way coal never has and it may be decades or perhaps never-in human terms- that the actual site area can be made safe. I believe it is clear that statistics favouring nuclear, diminishing it's negative effects are simply the result of the industries power, backing and money. One British nuclear plant is already 700 million over budget on it's decomissioning and the fact that they say it 'will take AT LEAST 100 YEARS to do it' shows they do not know how to and this massive problem is just adding to the colossal and totally unnecessary burden we today are leaving to future generations. Some nuclear toxins last tens, hundreds of thousands of years and the many hidden ramifications are so far and wide that we do not even know how to evaluate them, but one thing is for sure, the nuclear industry is built, literally on a foundation of lies and scientific power madness, linked to insane people in power with nuclear bombs at their finger tips. The mining of Uranium has furthermore devastated natural habitats an date lives of Indigenous people from the America's through the Sahel all the way to Australia; nuclear energy generated by man is a crime against humanity and the Earth, the Native Americans have it right when they say; 'Humans should not be messing around with the power of the Sun!" meaning nuclear of course, not solar! True there is certainly a 'dark side to green energy', the hidden costs behind say electric cars, the steel in wind turbines, the copper used in all this electrification, but nuclear is an absolute abomination of crazy scientists, militarists, finance and politicians. This is teh real truth, driven by genuine concern for life, not desire to defend profits and power which this video clearly is. Look at the massive amount the world is having to pay to help Russia control Chernobyl...all that expertise, energy, resources should have been spent on something beautiful, life enhancing, but instead colossal amounts of labour, resources, energy are being spent on TRYING DESPERATELY to manage a disaster that was entirely avoidable and is a crime against the Earth and humanity!

  49. Farid Hakim

    Farid Hakim

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    bahasa indonesia.. please

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    So when is Germany going to replace their fossil fuel power plants 0.o?

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    Amazing animation

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    The dashing profit inexplicably return because nut partly suspect abaft a madly leopard. assorted, loving bestseller

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    I’d definitely like a video about nuclear waste

  56. Rocey the catbg

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    4:33 i don't wanna defend fossil fuel, but i don't think ozone counts

    • Dra. FATIMA MELO

      Dra. FATIMA MELO

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      not only s zone poisonous, it still is bad to have too much of it, ozone blocks a great amount of light and heat from things, but too much will have the same effect of CO2, since ozone will block heat from getting out of the earth and inside the earth

  57. Maaz Hamid

    Maaz Hamid

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    Can you please explain what would happen if Xenomorphs "somehow" came to Earth ?

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    4:25 Did they add Doofensmhirtz evil inc. lmao

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  60. lacks physical form

    lacks physical form

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    I like how the art style is lineless it’s very fun

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    This is the second time ive watched this video hehe

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    me at the start: AMOGUS

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    What about Three Mile Island? How does that one compare?

  64. Nem Gam Boi

    Nem Gam Boi

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    depleted uranium in serbia possibly killed thousands of people

  65. 안영철


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    Please translate it into Korean!!

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    I really want to be a supporter. I want my bird killed. But 1,800, a bit much. Damn it.

  67. JenkoRun


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    You forgot the fact that these things require extremely clean water on mass, and the waste water is unusable and completely toxic to life. These nuclear plants cause far more long term damage than you've taken into account.

  68. Aidan Adkins

    Aidan Adkins

    7 ימים לפני

    If we can manage to nail down Thorium reactors, we'd be in a lot better shape. Thorium has its own set of problems, but it overall generates more power with less waste, is much more abundant in Earth's crust, and is much safer to operate. Unfortunately, all that comes at the cost of being much harder to make functional reactors that use it. And if things continue the way they are, nuclear energy might be gone before we ever get the chance.

  69. The_True _Lame

    The_True _Lame

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    Why dont we just send nuclear waste into space? Its not like it would be expensive given that the capsule could be a hollow tube full of the waste and its not like it needs too terribly much fuel given that it only needs to be launched into space fairly fast and then it will just keep going

  70. Ciliate


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    I would very much like to see a video about nuclear waste, especially about how it can apparently be recycled back into more fuel.

    • General Codsworth

      General Codsworth

      5 ימים לפני

      The recycling is a relatively easy concept with its main problem lying in practicatility and logistics. We already need to enrich the naturally occuring uranium ore to increase concentration, so taking a spent sample that has too low concentration of fissionable material to work as is shouldn't be too difficult. The real problem comes down to the fact that, right now, it is much easier and cheaper to enrich raw ore than waste material.

  71. die jude and jojo new

    die jude and jojo new

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    If u dead u stay here with me okay everyone

  72. iGeneral


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    If there was a video about nuclear waste no matter how long it would be.i would watch it

  73. AlexeyKolin


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    There are two points which are not well addressed in this video (but the video is still amazing, shared it with many sceptics despite in my view nuclear energy is even better and safer and cleaner!). First nuclear “waste” is waste under older technologies. Newer technologies can consume waste from older gen reactors. And the amount is tiny... there is an old analogy comparing all waste from all nuclear reactors over the last 50 years - it can be stored at one stadium (this is if you mentally create a cube consisting of bulk nuclear waste, not containers which is amazing...). Another area which is important to recognise is medical applications of radiation. All people which were saved by various radiation related detection techniques and treatment itself - this is a remarkable success of the “nuclear” community. And people saved by better security measures... yes, all these scans are nuclear research derivatives... Video about nuclear waste would be super cool, please do that. Talk about circularity of waste please because in 50 years tech can be so advanced that today’s waste will become fuel again. And If you make some nuclear thematic t-shirts and posters - i will buy it!

  74. bonk


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    So which state or area is gonna store the waste? Hanford has been leaking waste through double shell stainless steel vessels for years as well... so YES I would like a video on nuclear waste.

  75. Andrew Purdy

    Andrew Purdy

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    To show the spread from Fukashima only on land and not address that it was literally connected to the ocean and everything in it (that we eat) makes this video null and void.

  76. Super Gogeta

    Super Gogeta

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    The protective syrup rarely crash because refund intraorally mate onto a cruel computer. abhorrent, shy tabletop

  77. Blake Kellermeier

    Blake Kellermeier

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    It has been around since 1945

  78. Valerie Yung

    Valerie Yung

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    video on thorium please :) i first learned about it from andrew yang and it seems to be the miracle to nuclear energy!

  79. 4A08 Mahid Zaman

    4A08 Mahid Zaman

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    Can we reuse the fossil fuel emission gases?

  80. Udaya Raman

    Udaya Raman

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    What is nuclear waste

  81. Anonymous Caveman

    Anonymous Caveman

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    I kind of understand why Japan changed from nuclear energy to other sources. They had the nuclear attack twice in ww2 and the disaster of 2011. I think they are just done with nuclear.

  82. Storm Forbes

    Storm Forbes

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    It only takes a single nuclear accident to cause more damage than any fossil fuels accident can possibly do. I still think it's better to stay away from nuclear energy

  83. Chris Forbes

    Chris Forbes

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    A good analysis. It's unfortunate that more people don't realise how safe nuclear power really is

  84. tubeTreasurer


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    Man their grafic style looks so good. I'd pay for a computer game made fo these. Like some indie title about management or building something.

  85. 187Sartus187


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    well, all the people that died on radiation in the past 40 years didnt counted in this documentary? seems like data of past 10 years only. if you count the dead of chernobil to it the rate would be higher. also i think there are many ppl that died in fukushima years after by cancer but japan didnt approved them as died on radiation sickness cause cancer could have been come by other sources "probably". p.s. the problem with nuclear material isnt just the waste.

  86. Morten Bund

    Morten Bund

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    The Emsland has been mentioned, we are finally famous

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  88. Katherine _Queen

    Katherine _Queen

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    I just noticed something about Kurzgesagt. Their videos that sounds really morbid are oddly positive and the ones that sound all right are the darkest.

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    I will kill u

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    Cool 😎

  90. Chico Veinte Minutos

    Chico Veinte Minutos

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    The problem with nuclear plants is the lost of land if something goes wrong. Fukushima and Pripyat with surroundings will be uninhabitable and unusable during hundreds of years.

  91. OSEH


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    Nuclear energy is WAY safer than fossil fuels in the grand scheme of things

  92. Filip Zivotic

    Filip Zivotic

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    Yes, whole video about it would be nice

  93. Justin Grimes

    Justin Grimes

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    We already have a place to store depleted uranium..... DU ammunition allows us to dump it in war zones.

  94. Xtreme Gamer 7 million

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    This guy could discuss paint drying and it would get a few million views.

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    Pls video about nuclear waste

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    the soundtrack...

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    4:24 Is that Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated?

  99. ender_slayer3


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    I think one of the best places to send spent nuclear waste is a place where we could never go even if we wanted to, that place being Jupiter's core. With Jupiter being a gas giant it's core is incredibly large and dense, it also most likely has an abundance of nuclear material in it already just through its creation and its proximity to the asteroid belt, even more we could never go there because of the immense pressure at the core, another great contender (albeit one a little further away) is Saturn for basically the same reasons.

  100. Patriks Umbrasko

    Patriks Umbrasko

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    Me home exploded 😭😩😢😢😥🧨🌋🌇