What if the World turned to Gold? - The Gold Apocalypse

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Let us explore the scientific mystery of what would happen to you, if Earth suddenly turned into gold! The “Midaspocalypse”, based on the ancient tale of King Midas who was cursed so everything he touched turned into gold.
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      In this video I learned you can measure density in units of water fowl.

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      what if the earth turned to Glass

  2. Halil ibrahim Aktaş

    Halil ibrahim Aktaş

    2 שעות לפני

    Can you guys make a video about spaceships. Thanks by the way, I really like your channel. It's super awesome to learn about all these stuff.

  3. Amit עמית

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    What if all the water on earth just evaporate

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    Plz make an video emplaning what will happen if all the planet exploded all at the same time

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    What happen if we nuke Jupiter

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  8. M.J. P

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    I learned, “be careful what you wish for!”

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    breaking news trevor henderson

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    Lesson learned never let somebody names Midas touch the earth

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    eclipse animations

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  14. Mute


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    I learned gold-bad

  15. Evan Horansky

    Evan Horansky

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    these hypothetical videos are so much fun to watch and terrifying at the same time. I wonder what would happen if we detonated a nuke against a high orbit satellite. Got the thought from watching batman v superman and they detonate a nuke in the higher orbit of the planet. what would happen to all the radiation that was directed towards earth?

  16. random studios

    random studios

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    I like the characters! Their finally humans! Been waiting for some time now. (No offense to the bird characters)

  17. andres adila

    andres adila

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    Me: what is their obsession with exploiting animals?

  18. John Sagan

    John Sagan

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    This one was surprisingly gory LOL

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  21. Jason Hua

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    I have one answer before I watch this video. We will all be dead if that happened. If the trees and other plants turned to gold, there will be no oxygen

  22. Marcus C

    Marcus C

    14 שעות לפני

    This doesn't answer all of my questions. Would the change of mass affect earth's orbit? Would it lose the magnetosphere?

  23. José Manuel Sánchez Caro

    José Manuel Sánchez Caro

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    Pls subtitles in spanish

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    "look at this thing, its *really big*" - kurzgesagt 2021

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    Ooh could there be a video on vacuum decay please :D that'd be so cool

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  29. The Channel of Titanic and Ships!

    The Channel of Titanic and Ships!

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    Me: trying to do my homework. Kurzgesagt: How about no, and watch what if the world turned into gold.

  30. Noriaki Kakyoin

    Noriaki Kakyoin

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  31. saboo


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    Damn. Good thing Midas didn't stumble!

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  34. Mike Gleek

    Mike Gleek

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    why not just change the color (hue/pigments/rgb/cymk) to just all gold? i bet that would be zero fatalities, the world would continue as-is, and everyone would be screwed! haha

  35. Anirudh Alewoor

    Anirudh Alewoor

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    What a thought experiment

  36. A Guy

    A Guy

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    What I learnt from this is...... just don't imagine..... please?



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    Video idea:what if we detonated all the nuclear bombs on the moon??



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      opzz xsin

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    Kenny Mcgrarg

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    Our earth is precious! Everything is interconnected and at the perfect balance to allow life to thrive

  42. Kit Melton

    Kit Melton

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    maybe the lesson was “All that glitters is not gold”

  43. Marcus C

    Marcus C

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    Evil Genius 2 brought me here.

  44. Kyle Lin

    Kyle Lin

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    All the dislikes were from the ducks getting exploded, getting turned to gold, and getting fit inside a box with 19 other ducks

  45. Jackson Holmes

    Jackson Holmes

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    I learned that the Earth can implode and explode if Midas was real also I learned that gold is very weak

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    둠 슬레이어의 무기창고

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    깨달은 점:돈이 항상 옳진 않다 여기에 한해서만!

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    Chirag Gupta

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    Next time make a video on Muons and the possible 5th fundamental force in nature. Love your videos

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    Guess the world of Noita is fucked then.

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    Time and time again we learn. Don’t fuck with cosmic forces. It ends up with the destruction of the universe or something every time you come up with a question like this.

  56. Vlad Popov

    Vlad Popov

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    This channel is makes me proud of humanity

  57. Anukriti Arya

    Anukriti Arya

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    Lesson learnt: *DON'T LET MIDAS STUMBLE*

  58. Sayantan Samanta

    Sayantan Samanta

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    That's why in India Rahul Gandhi is not given anything to touch. (For Indians)❤️

  59. Minecraft Bread

    Minecraft Bread

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    i learned that science is magic

  60. Real Heart

    Real Heart

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    as we knows, Magic and Science can not be friends.

  61. Patrick Knowlton

    Patrick Knowlton

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  62. minecrafter dude

    minecrafter dude

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    if king midas actualy existed he would be touching air all the time breaking all laws of physics in zero moments

  63. dvamsimohan


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    please can u guys do a video on 4th dimension and time travel

  64. Iron Kanabo

    Iron Kanabo

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    And then Evil Genius 2 came out and Maximillian made his dream a reality.

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    Non logical madness 🤬

  68. Mark Nathan

    Mark Nathan

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    So what you’re saying is.... ATLANTIS!!!

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  73. Hk Moment

    Hk Moment

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    If the world was gold Evryone on the planet would have about 0.000000000000000 and on and on 8 Of that, which would still value a lot Because its not a pebble IT would be like a rock or more

  74. Finn Larsen

    Finn Larsen

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    solutions: king midas should wear gloves go in a gold proof hot air balloon put him into one of those SpaceX rockets that keep exploding

  75. Max1dz1


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    Wait what? I remember that i watched this in December didn't i?

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    abdelrahman kilani

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    Thank you very much for the video. And I’m thankful for all the Videos that you posted

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    All Of These “Gold Planets” Cause All Life To Go Extinct On Earth, Great For Me, Not Great For You

  78. Arsenal Are Class

    Arsenal Are Class

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    If Midas touches Earth, nothing happens because it is touching flowing water.



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    ...OK then.

  81. Nuno Afonso

    Nuno Afonso

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    So what we learned is that gold earth=death,bad and sadness

  82. Walter Burton

    Walter Burton

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    This is bloodier than _Die Hard_ . lol

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    Monety Goal Goal i Nie Tylko Monety

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    Zacarias Gonzalez

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    Lili Zhang

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    can we restart mars core by dominating all our nuclear weapons in mars core like in the movie the core?

    • mikin lirou

      mikin lirou

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      dear mom, today i leaned that turning the earth into gold is a bad idea.

  87. bung_booce_boyo


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    Dammit mitus

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    Isaac Murciano

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    Yo Mo

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    The ocean would become gold aswell

  91. Rebrutez


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    When I was 5 I had a dream where my mom was cooking steak and gold started coming out of the pan and it began making everything it touched (humans too) gold

  92. ray Shi

    ray Shi

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    I'd want Midas to touch apples.

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    lego plays roblox

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