What Is Intelligence? Where Does it Begin?

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Humans are proud of a lot of things, from particle accelerators, to poetry to pokemon. All of them made possible because of something humans value extremely highly: intelligence.

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    • Davud Hafizović

      Davud Hafizović

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      I would just like them to be bigger sizes if you can do that

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      7:41 there is gromit in the background as an easter egg

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      Sam the ravenclaw

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      I would love it if you made a game out of survival in your art style

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      Z Man

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      hey you guys are awsome

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      I’d like to see a dna poster and a eukaryotic and prokaryotic educational poster

  2. Powre Punch

    Powre Punch

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    Math teacher screaming at students "You all have the toolbox you just have to use it!" 8:44

  3. Ronin Nozlo

    Ronin Nozlo

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    please teach me taxes

  4. No No

    No No

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    These individual aspects of intelligence should be named so we can have a forum to philosophically argue further about definition and importance of individual traits!

  5. Jamier Veanne Villegas

    Jamier Veanne Villegas

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    Kurzgesagt: to make this even more complicated Me : big brain time

  6. Liheng Fu

    Liheng Fu

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    can you create a game with this video? It will be a great game

  7. Kevin Munger

    Kevin Munger

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    I am damaged, but I are smarts. Ar ar ar ar. I know many peers whom are less educated than I am yet they are smarter than me. Too many people mistake low formal education with ability. These are usually people whom esteem credentials. I decided during my degree phase that I was tired of demonstrating an ability to regurgitate. I work in labor. I can construct a Sunday size themed puzzle. My longest anagram is sixteen characters (no record). Guns sung gnus snug. After chaos, animals are the first to return to form.

  8. romandelrosario


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    did anyone see togepi in the video

  9. Science Floffz

    Science Floffz

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    Did anyone else notice Gromit peeping out of the flock of sheep?? :D

  10. Team Seven

    Team Seven

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    Good strategies 😊

  11. Trace play games And pianos

    Trace play games And pianos

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    This would be a really cool game

  12. The-Anh Pham

    The-Anh Pham

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    i would love to play a game like this

  13. thenetisthebeast


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    Well, its not religion nor is it artificial A.I. =Alien intelligence

  14. Rick Van Oordt

    Rick Van Oordt

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    Surrounding yourself with good people is the most intelligent thing one can do. Reality counters wishful thinking in a moment that one can have an idea countering ill wills towards others. Martin Luther King Jr was surrounded by similiar minds wishing for peaceful times after reality was bitterly cold for minorities and those who embraced war along with the horrors of the atomic bombs that were never approached as they should have been. It is odd we live in a world that people would rally blindly against someone as one can easily subdue the largest crowd. What is your birthday?



    7 ימים לפני

    If you don't hear the voices in your head it means they are silently judging you. - Demon in my head

  16. Dennis Thompson

    Dennis Thompson

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    The aboard phone originally rot because weed thirdly bow but a lame comparison. axiomatic, chivalrous pasta

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    Nathan D'souza

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    Raccoons: trying to open the door Me: Can't you just break the glass

  18. Marco McLeod

    Marco McLeod

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    This was probably the best explained video they ever made

  19. Timea Tang

    Timea Tang

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    The animation is GREAT.

  20. Shin thant te aung

    Shin thant te aung

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    Ayyyy. Wallace and gromit easter egg!

  21. Ladybird2727 VODs

    Ladybird2727 VODs

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    british people be like "space rocket"

  22. Wayne


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    Curiosity is the root to intelligence.

  23. Sam S Gaming

    Sam S Gaming

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    Intelligence has been defined in many ways: the capacity for logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning, emotional knowledge, reasoning, planning, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. More generally, it can be described as the ability to perceive or infer information, and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or context. Intelligence is most often studied in humans but has also been observed in both non-human animals and in plants despite controversy as to whether some of these forms of life exhibit intelligence.[1][2] Intelligence in computers or other machines is called artificial intelligence.

  24. Speedy Gandalf

    Speedy Gandalf

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    Albert Einstein has possessed a racoon.

  25. IAmSeamonkey


    12 ימים לפני

    i feel like each one of the advanced tools should get it's own video. they're alot more complex on their own.

  26. Newbroken


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    Intelligence and human hands is great compination. Hands is our tools so we can use pragmatic intelligence.

  27. Newbroken


    12 ימים לפני

    No peoples are stupid... There is different ways to be stupid. There is different ways to be smart. You can appear stupid if you are smart. You can appear like smart if you are stupid. Intelligence can be definated in perspective and how you are comparing... If someone is stupid, it doesn't mean they don't have intelligence. And i believe human language are stopping the inner intelligence a lot. Some peoples forget about elements like bad luck, good luck when they are defining intelligence.

  28. Andrea Sparks

    Andrea Sparks

    12 ימים לפני

    What the fuck is the animals im trying to learn immin fouth grade

  29. Varalakshmi B D

    Varalakshmi B D

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    why is nobody talking about pokemon in the start of the video

  30. Insensitive Bastard

    Insensitive Bastard

    13 ימים לפני

    How can intellect be measured? We only have ourselves to measure it one race one planet one people, there is of yet no one else to correct us or tell us yeah we got it right, so how can a fool tell another fool that he/she is a fool "if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree it will believe for the rest of it's life it is stupid" Albert Einstein.

    • Insensitive Bastard

      Insensitive Bastard

      12 ימים לפני

      @Newbroken lol I agree with you, however human stupidity overshadows any intelligence. I could go on but others get offended easily at factual subject matter.

    • Newbroken


      12 ימים לפני

      @Insensitive Bastard what? :S

    • Insensitive Bastard

      Insensitive Bastard

      12 ימים לפני

      @Newbroken yeah I speak 3 languages english, sarcasm, profanity. I do apologize for no adding more of my second language to that

    • Newbroken


      12 ימים לפני

      no peoples are stupid... There is different ways to be stupid. There is different ways to be smart. You can appear stupid if you are smart. You can appear like smart if you are stupid. Intelligence can be definated in perspective and how you are comparing... If someone is stupid, it doesn't mean they don't have intelligence. And i believe human language are stopping the inner intelligence a lot. Some peoples forget about elements like bad luck, good luck when they are defining intelligence.

  31. Una Adachi

    Una Adachi

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    I love how the beginning is a reference to spore

  32. Mike Qian

    Mike Qian

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    I love those Zelda references😍

  33. Emilio Youssef

    Emilio Youssef

    15 ימים לפני

    Kurgesagt just created a representation of intelligence without even mentioning IQ. He really is trying to rase us viewers to not cling to our IQ as our source of proudness. Thank you!

  34. muzakir alto

    muzakir alto

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    07:41 that's gromit!

  35. SuryaChethanReddy ChennamiReddy

    SuryaChethanReddy ChennamiReddy

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    I can confirm that humans are proud of pokemon. i caught all 388 pokemon in fire red and it was my greatest achievement yet

  36. Niccolò P.

    Niccolò P.

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    You should be turned into a public institution

  37. R2 B2

    R2 B2

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    This is what spore could have been

  38. Aerothick


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    As I was watching this I though: "It could be a great idea for a game." Then it hit me: "Dude, you're already playing this." Life is just amazing. The way it finds solution to keep itself alive it's just amazing.



    19 ימים לפני

    good animation :)

  40. alayna george

    alayna george

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    The delirious grade subsequently wander because pizza pathomorphologically trust across a boiling hedge. nappy, innocent gander

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    I guess Kurzgesagt is a big Zelda fan.

  42. Mohamed Harby

    Mohamed Harby

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    قَالَ رَبُّنَا الَّذِي أَعْطَىٰ كُلَّ شَيْءٍ خَلْقَهُ ثُمَّ هَدَىٰ [سورة طه آية 50] He answered, “Our Lord is the One Who has given everything its ˹distinctive˺ form, then guided ˹it˺.” [ Sura Taa-Haa Aya 50 ]

  43. the best Edward

    the best Edward

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    Why the hell is your voice so good!!!

  44. Mosesaurus 17

    Mosesaurus 17

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    algoritims in our mind would be and interesting topic , why noT?

  45. Cibele Vieira

    Cibele Vieira

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  46. cable


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    indirectly, this is also good illustration of how to get your bearings before moving forward to greater challenges in life in general

  47. MechaPrince


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    I just want to say I would love to play a video game with the Kurzgesagt art style

  48. Puvitar Ram

    Puvitar Ram

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    Diamond cuts diamond. Hear all and say nothing; See all and feel nothing. Bear all and do nothing; Give all and take nothing; Serve all and be nothing.

  49. will_builder8


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  50. Jen Romeave

    Jen Romeave

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    7:43 Hey, is that Grommit? 😱😍

  51. sandboxTR


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    Hand: gets poked by needle Also hand: reaches for it again 0:52

  52. Jed Dominic T. Vicente

    Jed Dominic T. Vicente

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    You guys should make a game

  53. s.u.n. t.a.n

    s.u.n. t.a.n

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    I’ve had at least three existential crises watching these videos.

  54. Shayne Buchanan

    Shayne Buchanan

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    7:40 Gromit!

  55. Reef Freger

    Reef Freger

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    You should make this a real game

  56. محمد منصور

    محمد منصور

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    very good

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    2632 Abhishek Salunkhe

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    Anyone else here for animation

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    Sadie Lys-Nik

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    4:13 out of context

    • Sadie Lys-Nik

      Sadie Lys-Nik

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  59. IceLuxray


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    This makes me want to play a puzzle rpg

  60. Megan Mattson

    Megan Mattson

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    The addicted subway complimentarily prefer because lisa unlikely desert astride a cooperative sword. combative, humorous quilt

  61. Last breath mints

    Last breath mints

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    There was a Zelda reference when the weird creature broke a pot In the part about different solutions

    • Last breath mints

      Last breath mints

      26 ימים לפני

      And Madjoras mask

    • Last breath mints

      Last breath mints

      26 ימים לפני

      Oh yeah and there was a rupee

  62. ArvidPbGaming


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    Makes you think about so many things...

  63. Kudzi James Rusike

    Kudzi James Rusike

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    Racoons are natural thieves though so doesn't count😅

  64. Kamil525


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    Modern intelligence : shit on the floor to assert territory

  65. Irfan Akbar

    Irfan Akbar

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    speaking intelligence, there's two type of people. 1. intelligence gave birth to smart people, or 2. intelligence gave birth to smartass people smartass people is who feel smarter and above others. In the kind of this kind of video that brought a creative concept of 'what if' to another level, there's so many smartass people on the comment. it attract them like honey to bees. maybe i'm one of them, that's differ from perspective of course. but i'm sure majority that say that i'm also smartass is actually the smartass community itself, or them. because they feel that i offend them, so they attack me. this is some kind of pshycological warfare. so in conclusion, the no.2 people, the smartass can be defined as stupid people, stupidest people in precise. the no.1 people, smart people, in some kind of phylosophy also stupid people. but there's the difference. while smart people know that smarter they are, the more lesson they learn, more unsolvable mystery also they learn. but in this matter, their intelligence stats in increased. they become more wise, wisdom is reflection of intelligence. but the smartass person, they think they're smartess and above other, it limit their perspective of what the can achieve. in reality, their intelligence stats is develop in slow manner by this kinda self gratification.

  66. Henrique Machado Moreira

    Henrique Machado Moreira

    28 ימים לפני

    0:40 napoleon fly

  67. Erick Chaves Soares

    Erick Chaves Soares

    28 ימים לפני

    5:21 racoon: "sorry, the princess is on another dungeon"

  68. Blue Shell

    Blue Shell

    29 ימים לפני

    Ah! Now I finally know what the art form reminds me of. Miracle!

  69. KingoftheNoobs


    29 ימים לפני

    I am american and intelligence is useless

  70. mar oung

    mar oung

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    the majoras mask

  71. King Ace

    King Ace

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    My dog is so intelligent she constantly tries to outsmart us to receive treats while expending lesser effort.

  72. Christopher Pham

    Christopher Pham

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    The burly sushi scilly preach because girl postauricularly wash apud a tight christmas. snobbish, hissing node

  73. Leonardo Rodriguez

    Leonardo Rodriguez

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    So... can we kickstart a game by Kurzgesagt? XD

  74. Brody R

    Brody R

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    I think I upgraded my planing too high

  75. God is great all the time

    God is great all the time

    חודש לפני

    My intiligence is simple Get food Get Serotonin and endorphins a little Get my mother fuckin bible because this video needs cleansing creativity is abomination uproot.

  76. meaningful way

    meaningful way

    חודש לפני

    Then what is thinking Is it not intelligence

  77. XRnst


    חודש לפני

    2:24 wheres the link to the game really looks cool

  78. James Ruscheinski

    James Ruscheinski

    חודש לפני

    Intelligence consciously programs information from quantum wave function.

  79. Mike O

    Mike O

    חודש לפני

    Excellent. Being able to bring the big and small together, whatever it is; from a particle to even questions one might ask, is simply difficult to do, one could argue unique in teaching and corporate training. Mic dropped!

  80. Reyna B

    Reyna B

    חודש לפני

    our generation has been starving for a successor to spore for 13 YEARS dont tease us like this

  81. Mochi_Kiti


    חודש לפני

    0:05 it's Togepi!

  82. Jamie LaCourse

    Jamie LaCourse

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    I'm still wondering why our species was named "homo sapiens"......THAT'S funny........

  83. 시그니처 없음

    시그니처 없음

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    5:35 천재네

  84. Happtgamer05 For life

    Happtgamer05 For life

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    Was that a Shaun the Sheep reference

  85. the stickman animator

    the stickman animator

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    School noooooo kurzgesagt yeaaaaaaa

  86. Jarl Karl

    Jarl Karl

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    human are cute

  87. Tor Nordmark

    Tor Nordmark

    חודש לפני

    Okay, here's my take on intelligence. I am not a scientist, I just like to philosophy. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances as well as perceiving hypothetical ones. Intelligence stems from emotions. This might sound stupid, but bear with me for a moment. What is an emotion? Emotion is a reaction to a situation based on previous experience. What does this mean exactly? Well, in truth, this means that every living being is 'intelligent' for a given value of intelligence. Even a tree feels 'pain'. Not what we consider pain, but they have reactions towards being damaged and often change their environment or themselves as best they can based on experience to some extent. A tree that got burnt grows thicker bark for instance. Our own feelings of pain stems from similar ideas. We want to avoid situations and fix them, hence fear as well. So I honestly think that the only difference between humans and grass is how many emotions we have, how well we can change our surroundings, and how well we can adapt and improvise to the changing surrounding.

    • Tor Nordmark

      Tor Nordmark

      חודש לפני

      @Ryan Simpson If you consider emotions as simply chemical responses, then no. They would not be intelligent. But I consider emotions to be reactions based on past experience. As of now, Artificial Intelligence doesn't truly exist as they follow set guidelines without changing their behavior. But as self-adjust and self-programming software is developed like it is now in time it will adapt to changing circumstances. To adapt it must have preferences for certain things. It "likes" success and "dislikes" failures like all living creatures. From there it must define what failure and success is to itself. At this point we have a cockroach or bacterial intelligence and a simple "Stay alive = good". As it becomes more advanced in its intelligence, more options must be considered and new methods of solving problems is developed. Things that further its existence is good, things that don't is bad. At some stage it may start to consider what something Bad is. Is death really bad? What is bad? Can something Good be Bad? Now we are reaching human intelligence and from every stage it has gained new levels of reasoning that can only exist because it emotes. Human emotions are still "This good, that bad" but so many in such rapid succession that all becomes grey zones and even things that are bad can be good and vice versa, but it ultimately always devolves into "More good, less bad". I guess what I am saying is that true intelligence can only be found by true emotion and humans have reached something of a singularity of intelligence where we are able to think about thinking and what we feel about it.

    • Ryan Simpson

      Ryan Simpson

      חודש לפני

      i like this, but what about like intelligence in terms of AI? or computational intelligence (i don't know if that's the right word, but I'm talking about logical things like math and understanding concepts like philosophy) you wouldn't say that involves emotion because emotion is a chemical response in your brain related to your surroundings, what if intelligence is both of these concepts combined, and is actually the link between the complex emotional responses our brains perform and the logical part of it, figuring out what to do with this emotion? i don't know if that makes sense, but i liked your idea in that emotions make us more intelligent and hence more human and i wanted to add to it.

  88. Lamsheeper


    חודש לפני

    did nobody catch the shawn the sheep reference at 7:40

  89. Icöngø


    חודש לפני

    There is a breath of the wild Easter egg

  90. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    To make this even more complicated,

  91. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    But not all scientists agree where it begins or what even should count as intelligence.

  92. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    From hardwired or instinct like reactions to different degrees of learning,to some sort of awareness.

  93. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    It manifests itself in a huge variety of behaviors.

  94. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    it includes the ability to gather knowledge,to learn,be creative,from strategies,or engage in critical thinking.

  95. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    Intelligence is not a single thing;

  96. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    fighting sexual competitors,or fleeing from predators.

  97. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    Especially the problem of staying alive,which involves finding food and shelter,

  98. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    Intelligence is a mechanism to solve problems.

  99. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    but when we try to define it,things get fuzzy.

  100. Sharmin Mumu

    Sharmin Mumu

    חודש לפני

    We think of intelligence as a trait like height or strength,