Neutron Stars - The Most Extreme Things that are not Black Holes

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Neutron stars are one of the most extreme and violent things in the universe. Giant atomic nuclei, only a few kilometers in diameter but as massive as stars. And they owe their existence to the death of something majestic.

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    Can the the univers be destroyed. Does the the universe just keep regenerating forever in different forms as time goes by. Or is it finite.

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    In their 6 years before video they told Tht magnetic field of neutron star is trillion times stronger and now they are telling quadrillion times how?

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    Gotta love the way he says "pasta"

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    so if you think about it, even if earliest space intelligent life was in existence, they wouldn't have developed technology purely because the space they were living in lacked heavy resources....? According to videos humans are in the early stage of space too, so perhaps there are things that just don't exists in the universe yet for us to find. hmm...

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    God this is so fkn cool...

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    That supernova animation is crisp

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    Dear Kurgesagt, is it some science video or you are promoting US, EU and Christmas? Isn't science for everyone? If so, why are these words emphasized in your videos?

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    Virgin ballerina vs chad neutron star

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    I really want the periodic table but my mother doesn't allow =(

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    I want to know what's in the cores exactly so badly. I hope they figure it out before I die.



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    Awesome finally a documentary about my wallet.

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    0:37 looks like cheese

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    A neutron star is maybe bigger than Mount Everest just five kilometres bigger

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    2:04 “Particles, like electrons and protons, don’t like to be near each other.” Why? They are oppositely charged.

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    He should do a video about solar tornadoes.

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    "Lasagna layer" Next vid: the most dangerous being in the universe cosmic Garfield

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    Wait... What will happen if a neutron star go inside a black hole

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      @The One k thanks

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      It would be eaten

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    thanx, that exsplains a good deal.

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    Wow Neutrons are really fascinating I learned a lot good video!

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    How is the surface temperature of neutron star million°C when it came fuse anything it has?

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    So what elements is needed to bring the birth of a star.

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    6:20 wait does that mean we could make Gold from Iron using extreme amout of energy that we'll never be able to make? Where's popcorn i'm gonna watch humanity from god's perspective.. Sorry if my english is bad.. I'm still learning..

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      Can you even speak right.

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    Προς αυτόν που έκανε την Ελληνική μετάφραση: Αν δεν ξέρεις Αγγλικά, γιατί μεταφράζεις?

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    That pug at the end was kind of nice and he deserves his own vlog

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    Jesus loves y’all so much and never forget that and Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose the 3 day God bless



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    Make a collab with displate, please! Such beautiful videos!

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    why are they so small wtf

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      cuz of gravity

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      Τhey are small and angry, like short people.

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    6:45 *”Im going to kill you, and then kill you again”*

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    0:54 forbidden candy corn

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    Nobody: Lonsdaleite: I’m the strongest material in the universe! Nuclear pasta: that’s cute

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    "and we're just gonna put a happy little neutron star here, and another one next to it because everyone deserves a friend"

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    I spent an hour watching this video

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      Wow you're dumb

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    Ok I think that we can all conclude that the cameraman is the most indestructible thing in the universe

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    I built a guitar out of neutronium. It's good for heavy metal.

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    lol we live in neutron star matter

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    I love your vids I've been watching sine I was like 8 and I'm eleven right now so maybe I will visit one of those planets in the future

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    What happens when THREE neutron stars crash into each other 🤔

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    Maybe neutron stars and black holes are not actually "dead", but another phase of development?

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    Black holes don't exist. And no one ever examined a theoretical neutron star so I would be careful with offering such things as facts. Very unprofessional. And no suns don't fuse hydrogen into helium. I can't see any explosions on the sun. Do you?

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      Yes we can see but not from earth with naked eye. You guys think everything is just a hoax

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    Someone was very hungry when they were coining some of these terms.

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    If guys you don't know how things works out there do little more research or whole lot more until someone says you know your explanation make little sense then you are into something, No offense your explanations are completely garbage.

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      You know these guys collaborate with scientists before making their videos, eh?

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    If neutron stars are so violent, why won't it fight me

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    'how do you know all this?

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    So when the sun explodes is like a server wipe?

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    My puny ape brain simply can't comprehend that much matter squeezed into a space so small.

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    Through a 13 billion year journey starting with the big bang, leading to the formation of a supermassive star, which eventually collapsed into a neutron star, which collided with yet another neutron star, causing a supernova, whose interior coalesced into gold, which in turn combined into our planet and was later mined and turned into conductors on the circuit board in my computer, which I then use to watch porn online. What a wonderful world.

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    So Pasta and Lasagna is the hardest material in thr Universe?

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    Every second the Sun emits billions billions billions ^ billion lightning 0 1 voltage create sunlight . 1 positron + attracts 1 electron - create lightning 0.1 voltage

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    8:34 7:53 cute puppy lol

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    I could think about a graveyard in the Milky Way Galaxy If that was in the Solar System, there would be a graveyard of every death Sun: Got burned to death by the other star Mercury: Too close to the star Venus: Same fate as Mercury Earth: Having a atmosphere provoked the star Mars: Having a blanket of ice didn't help much Jupiter: pissed the star off for being really big Saturn: Rings are not shields Uranus: I guess that star really thought this planet was ur anus Neptune: Being the farthest doesn't give you continued life Solar System: Star got provoked by size Planets are probably stopping to enter the graveyard and just cry and cry After all, a star could be larger than a Solar System

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    Einfach kurzgesagt. Auf deutsch wie ich finde viel sympathischer

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    Yes I know their violent

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    Scientists: gnocchi phase, spaghetti layer, lasagna layer, nuclear pasta Me: “That’s a spicy spaceball!”

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    The cycle is kind of similar to the Hindu God's theory. The creator and destroyer gets born and begins to make world. And after 100 age of the creator, the destroyer destroys the world and both the creator and the destroyer of the world also gets destroyed. And a new creator and destroyer is made. In Hindu mythology,our world repeats in a cycle. It is also said that every new creator and destroyer are not sure of their purpose and only when the supreme source of God tells them their work, they begin to make the world. The supreme source is said to be source of everything including the good and evil gods.

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    Still not as dense as Twitter users.

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    Theres a small correction i can contribute i think, i dont think the earth would collapse to a city, more like 1000 suns into one isn't it so? @kurzgesagt

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    And we know all of that from telescopes NICE

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    nuclear pasta

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    That transition form the hook to the intro was 👌👌👌👌

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    03:09 that's a high calorie sugar cube.

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    This man is amazing, truly amazing

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    2:23 I’ve played Outer Wilds guys... trust me... it really does happen this fast

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    Me playing elite dangerous: oh, oh okay that's intresting.

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    Pretty cool so they basically make a big bang and make humanity agian and agian and i suppose they make more nutrition stars

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    Neutron stars: *kills eachother* *Your world has been blessed with Gold!*

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    when two neutron stars become friends then they die *then they die again* neutron stars: *your understanding is beyond our point*

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    The real mystery is the dislikes on your videos

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    I get it! Iron is star poop.

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    3:44 maybe blackholes have surfaces too

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    Wait if a dead neutron star becomes a black hole then where is the black hole in our solar system

    • DreamyPupper


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      "over millions of years, these atoms mix back in to the galaxy" stuff from the neutron stars gets spewed out, and not all of it is consumed by the black hole. the stuff that doesn't fall into the black hole can mix into planetary nebulae over millions of years, and as stars form from the nebulas, planets and asteroids form from the elements spewed from the neutron stars.

  84. Ezio Yaco Frey

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    0:32 P I Z Z A

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    Kurzgesagt : Stars die twice

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    i am a neutron star

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    Super nover explosion. Dude talks like Mr. Krabs 🤣

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    i don’t get how they know all this

    • ThiccDuck 95

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      lot of hard work by scientist over decades:D

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    Kurzgesagt Nice Video

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    Black newtron star: *pathetic*

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    Fun fact - A neutron star rotates at the speed of 726 spins per second. By the way i am 12 so thank you for interpreting me.

    • DreamyPupper


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      @Nikola Tesla probably an average. though neutron stars rotate 716 times per second on average, not 726.

    • Nikola Tesla

      Nikola Tesla

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      Which neutron star since I am pretty sure that value is not universal

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      One less lonely memer

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      Fortnite is bad

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    "lasanya" -Kurzgesagt



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    So Neutron Stard are Poets "They have to Die Twice"

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    I haven't watched the video, but I think there will be a TARDIS

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    I bought Elite Dangerous off Steam just to see this thing up close and personal Didn't know it would supercharge the FSD

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